HERE IT IS! The Glimmer

A fiction novel for all ages that will take the readers on a personal journey back to their own childhood and in the tradition-rich, Nordic hinterlands of a by-gone era.

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Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces

Edition statement: First printing edition

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Falk is a young boy who lost his mother to an unknown illness some time ago. Since her untimely death, Falk is forced to lead a sad, miserable life with his father and stepmother until tragedy strikes again. With his father now dead, Falk faces the fact that his stepmother could not be bothered with him and plots to abandon him on the outskirts of the village during a violent snow storm.


As Falk fails to find his way back home, he is lured to an unknown forest by the sound of a choir of deceased children calling him from the other side. He follows the calling and takes shelter in the mysterious forest. Now safe from the storm, Falk falls fast asleep under a giant fir tree holding a soft-glowing glimmer in his hands. Although this moment will forever change his life, it will take him a decade to find out exactly why.


So black is the night, so stupefying is the silence, so biting are the gusts, so impenetrable is the forest, so staggering is the sky, so sinister is the infinity... And yet, a glimmer. So immaculate is the snow, so frail is comfort, so thin is hope, so fleeting is warmth, so unlikely is magic... And yet, a glimmer. Laid down by ancient gods, set in a chiseled case of ice and rock, untouched since the dawn of time, a glimmer. Lost souls by the thousands—kids, mostly—have gotten so very close to it, without ever lowering their frightened glance to pick it up amongst

the trees.

But tonight, just a few days following the winter solstice, there was a dark-eyed, blond child. Falk. The child had been chased away from home by a vile woman who could never find it in her frivolous thoughts to love her widowed husband’s son. With the man now dead, the child had become a nuisance. Tonight, he was going to get lost in the meanderings of the roads leading up to the village. All the despicable woman had to do was to draw the child’s attention using a banal subterfuge, allowing her to forever skedaddle, sneaking away from the child just before nightfall.


A translator by Trade A.R. Bibeau has always known that her inimitable imagination was bound to, one day, be captured on paper. The result, titled The Glimmer / Are You Listening?, came after many years of reflecting on her own life experiences and observing the world through a truly whimsical lens. This fiction novel for all ages will take the readers on a personal journey back to their own childhood and in the tradition-rich, Nordic hinterlands of a by-gone era. The author’s writing style is a happy fusion between humour, mystery, drama, tales of friendship, generosity and survival, poetry and many other surprises.



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The Glimmer / Are You Listening? Designed by Lucie Matucha